Üniversal Boiler | About Us

Universal Kazan has carried its outstanding production quality all over the world since its foundation, as a solution partner of many international industry chains.

Having carried todays the vision of high satisfaction with the best quality that it has gained in its foundation, it continues to make a difference in the sector with its expert staff. It maintains its claim to heat equipments in the same way in heat recovery and plays a pioneering role in the environment and our future with the continuous efforts to improve the environmental performance of its products. He also conducts research and development works on environmentally friendly and efficient steam technologies.

Our company makes large-scale investments in industrial steam boilers, steam generators, hot oil boilers, etc., which provide turn-key solutions for industrial needs in every dimension. Meeting our individual customer needs and challenging requirements is our most important principal. With this approach, our company has provided to transform from a production workshop 48 years ago to a successful operation today’s. Today we manufacture at our production facility in Istanbul, not only in Turkey with our experts, we aim to be the best in the sector abroad. Our company, which has been in close contact with customers both at home and abroad, with branches and agencies, has made this proximity a fundamental philosophy of the business.

Please entrust our professional team to the boiler room which is the heart of your business. Do not risk your business performance!