In this system, the solid fuel taken from the bunker is burned by feeding a helical screw through the firebox under the grille. It burns solid fuels such as coal, wood chips, wood shavings and dust, moonmeal, olive seeds, cottonseed (shift), hazelnut shells and the like, not exceeding 50 mm in radius.
The yield of steam boilers with this system is at least 75%. Natural gas and liquid fuel can be turned on shortly when requested. If desired, these boilers will be made to burn both solid and liquid / gas fuels. These systems, which are widely used in the industry, should be treated as ash and the burning of the burning fuel. In order to do this, the cooker door must be opened. In this case, the cold air entering the cooker adversely affects the combustion regime.
In addition, these systems can not be satisfactory in burning coal with low ash melting temperature and dust coal. Given these and other disadvantages, there is a benefit in the case of large-capacity systems in which fixed ladder grid, advanced ladder grid or pneumatic combustion systems are preferred.

Note: We use dumping grilles which are specially designed for casting ash in coal burning, helical screw stoker produced by our company.