Heat recovery from the steam (flash steam) escaping from the condensate tank to the atmospheric steam generation facilities with an atmospheric open condensate system;
Steam produced from a steam boiler at a certain operating pressure, leaving the latent heat at the place of use condense in the operating pressure and passing through the steam trap as water; it comes to the condensate line connected with the atmosphere (open air).

Some of the water formed by condensation evaporates again due to the pressure drop. (flash steam) and the water – vapor mixture comes from the condensate line into the condensate tank. While the water fills the condensate tank, the steam escapes from the air tube of the condensate tank and goes to the atmosphere.

These faults increase in the act of the steam trap which choosen defective or being faulty. In many facilities using steam, white vapor cloud rising from the side of the boiler room is a sign of this phenomenon and is perceived as a natural phenomenon.
If no precautions are taken, 10% … 15% of the condensate water returning to the condensate tank goes into the air as a flash steam leak.